Once upon a time there was a dazzling princess who found herself all grown up without a fortune.

The princess struggles to balance her duties in the tower with her creative work.

Slow business in the tower causes the princess to wonder how the poor economy will affect her fate.

The princess confronts the towers powerful but unseen force — workers from foreign lands.

The princess finds herself not only a prisoner of the tower, but also of her own social anxiety.

The princess reflects on life and death.

A mysterious sect called health insurance reveals itself to the princess.

The princess tries to look the part.

The princess revisits the pain of her teenage life.

The princess attempts to get recognized by the fine art authorities.

On the brink of war, the princess is absorbed in the news.

The princess gets a cat.

The princess' repugnance to eating meat deepens when she learns how animals are raised.

Overall the princess enjoys being a woman. However, she hates that for one third of each month she is less than fully functional.

The princess wonders how to conserve the environment without sacrificing her quality of life.

The princess wants to have it all.

The princess wonders what drives one to violence.

The princess seeks relief from her chronic jealousy.

The princess attempts to make her quarters suitable for princess.

The princess thought about the culture she lived in — a culture that thrived on the public's insatiable desire for acquisitions.


The princess confronts major changes in her life.

This is where the fairytale usually ends with happily ever after...but this princess battles with her resistance to getting married.

The baby is born.

Caring for a newborn the princess feels brain-dead.

The prince and the princess argue about spending time in the country.




The princess worked in collaboration with British composer, Michael Szpakowski to bring you this opera.

Exhibit Photos

Photos of work exhibited in February & March




A narrative within a narrative, bitskis created by the princess. View online or download for your handheld device.

3D bitskis

At long last! These 3D icons designed by the princess has been a work in progress since 2004. Hopefully one day it will be prototyped and the princess will always be - like a popular carbonated beverage - within arm's reach of desire.
Take them for a spin (QuickTime VR):

princess bitski | roboto | Jamal | little bitski


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Parents will likely relate to Wolanczyk's depictions of ther 'everywoman' struggles. Kids might enjoy Wolanczyk's pretty pictures and bright colors.” READ »

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